ENSG00000135766 - H. sapiens


Go term Description
GO:0005506 iron ion binding
GO:0005515 protein binding
GO:0016706 oxidoreductase activity, acting on paired donors, with incorporation or reduction of molecular oxygen, 2-oxoglutarate as one donor, and incorporation of one atom each of oxygen into both donors
GO:0019899 enzyme binding
GO:0031418 L-ascorbic acid binding
GO:0031543 peptidyl-proline dioxygenase activity
GO:0031545 peptidyl-proline 4-dioxygenase activity


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Gene Organism
egl-9 C. elegans

Related Interactions

Gene ID A Gene Name A Gene ID B Gene Symbol B Organism Source Score?
ENSG00000107581 EIF3A ENSG00000135766 EGLN1 H. sapiens SSL Slorth 0.75098 View
ENSG00000135766 EGLN1 ENSG00000165392 WRN H. sapiens SSL Slorth 0.750144 View